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Key People


Ted Thompson. Founder of E&V. Has been in the Far East since 1962. Was originally with Royal Dutch Shell in Manila and then decided to set up a lumber trading business which started to trade lumber products around Asia from the Manila base. In the early 1970s he decided to set up a trading operation in Hong Kong. Ted is now retired and living in Manila.

Jon Thompson. Director of E&V and Glenfinnan Ltd. Jon joined the company in 1986. He is based in Hong Kong, but spends much of his time traveling between the various regional offices and operations.

Mandy Wong. Marketing Manager in Hong Kong. Mandy joined the company in 2006. Mandy handles many of the products of E&V especially related to environmental woods and bamboo. She travels frequently to China to visit both suppliers and buyers.

Angela Chan. Chief Accountant. Angela, who has had many years of accounting experience in Hong Kong joined E&V in 2005.

Chris O’Neill. Chris is in charge of the fire-door, furniture and construction board division of the company. He travels frequently to China to ensure that quality standard of products have been adhered to prior to shipments and also liaises with clients in developing new designs employing the materials.

Bobby Erum. Bobby is the CEO of our Philippine associate company Formaply Industries Inc. Bobby also oversees the production of Igen, Lauan and Gmelina lumbers in the company’s Mindanao lumber processing mill.

Wendy Orozco. Wendy is based in Manila and is the Director of Formaply Industries Inc.

Glenn Lacquiores. Sales manager in Manila office

Chuchi Young. Manager of our Cebu office

Jing Evangelista. Sales manager Cebu office