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Environmental guidelines

Since the mid 1990's we made a decision to phase out dealing in wood products which could be demonstrably seen to be from sources which resulted in harm to the environment, whether that is as a result of utilizing uncertified woods, or products from origins which were known to be paying scant regard to the environment.

These include wood products from tropical hardwood sources and from certain countries identified as having a poor track record in policing their logging industry, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast & Indonesia.

Whilst we pay much attention to ensuring that our guidelines are met, it is of course difficult to be 100% sure that the products do not conflict with our attentions. Hence in order to meet the more stringent environmental requirements we are in the process of improving our Chain of Custody process for all products.


Environmental Range

- Lumber and Plywood
- Vertical Laminated Bamboo Decking
- Compressed Bamboo Lumber
- Bamboo Joists and Beams

- PEFC Certified Range of Lumber and Logs


Quality Pledge

For many of our products we offer a full inspection service, especially those exports from China, to give all our clients peace of mind that quality standards are adhered to. Furthermore, whether we are importing or exporting wood products we always stand by the quality of our products, and in the unlikely event of quality issues we give our pledge that we will ensure that a fair and amicable settlement is made to redress any problems.


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